Erich Berry Interview

More Transformations:

Isaac White

“This picture was only taken because at that time, someone loved me more than I loved myself and wanted it. Otherwise I never would’ve taken it. My confidence was rapidly decreasing as my weight was at my all-time high. I was getting ready for an interview and thinking to myself that no one wants to hire someone this big, someone whose belly sticks over their buckle, negative thoughts consumed my mind because of my weight. If I could’ve went into the interview with a hoodie I would have. I was unhappy with how I let myself get to this point but also, it was no one’s fault but my own.

When you’re that big you don’t have many positive thoughts, you try to hide in clothes, and feel defeated more times than not. Simple things like tying shoes, and putting on socks became difficult because my stomach was in the way. I hated how I felt, and looked. I knew I needed a change but never stuck to something long enough after leaving the military until linking up with Rodney for his Coaching Program”